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We were present at NBA’s Polish Heritage Day!

Year after year, the only Pole in National Basketball Association, Marcin Gortat organizes...

...Polish Heritage Day!

On this special day, Polish culture is spread across the best basketball league in the world.

Thanks to cooperation with Cheerleaders Gdynia, one of the best cheerleading team in Europe, CoinDeal came to Los Angeles, the city where Polish Heritage Day took place. Our exchange platform supported cheerleaders and had helped them to organize the expedition. We are very proud of that. Besides the journey to LA, where our girls showed up with CoinDeal logo on their shirts, we also appeared in EuroCup game in Gdynia, where Arka hosted Alba Berlin. CoinDeal showed up on the electronic bands and girls’ shirts during breaks in the match.

It was another part of our involvement in sport. The whole adventure started with the announcement of our sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers. After that, we became the official sponsor of basketball tournament called 3x3 Feel The Bit, the very first basketball competition with a cryptocurrency prize. We also handed Wolverhampton Wanderers shirts to Wilki (eng.: Wolves) Różana, a Polish football team from the lower league.