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Past 2 Weeks In CoinDeal

You may say we haven’t done anything for the past few weeks, but that is far from the truth. Check…

… what happened on CoinDeal!

First of all, we added a new method to deposit your funds on CoinDeal - cryptocurrency exchange platform. From some time you can use Mistertango to send your euro (EUR) to your wallet.

If we’re talking about fiat currency - euro, we changed an account number for EUR transfers to improve the deposit process.

If you are one of the winners in our Game of Tron contest, it is time to celebrate - we have just paid out the prizes. Also, we can promise you that this wasn’t a one time action. Soon, we will announce another contest! .

What’s more, 8th voting conducted on CoinDeal to choose next cryptocurrency implemented on CoinDeal has already finished. The winners are Electra and Electroneum. That also means that we have opened a next round of vote for a new cryptocurrency!

To simplify the process of registration, we have also decided to change the layout of this subpage. If you are still not registered on CoinDeal - innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform...