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Results of the ECA competition!

Check who the winners of the ElectraCoin contest are. The Electra team decided to give away…

1,000,000 ECA!

Thank you all for taking part in our competition that we have organized with ElectraCoin. We are more than proud because of so many participants!

Thanks to Electra - the founder of the prize, we can reward as many as 10 people with a total prize pool of 1,000,000 ECA!

The competition lasted from 19th October to 9th November. There was only one rule in the contest: 10 traders with the highest trade volume on ECA/BTC win. The more you trade, the more ElectraCoin you get.

The analysis of the trading results gave us clear information about who succeeded in the competition. And the final winners are:

  1. Сер Зен - 500,000 ECA
  2. Łuk Sz - 250,000 ECA
  3. Iri Sol - 130,000 ECA
  4. Prz Sko- 60,000 ECA
  5. Bra Cos - 26,000 ECA
  6. Ren Que - 14,000 ECA
  7. Mag Sz - 10,000 ECA
  8. Grz Fro - 5,000 ECA
  9. Shi Che - 3,000 ECA
  10. And Ste - 2,000 ECA

Thank you all for participating in the game. We hope you had fun. If you didn’t win, don’t strain. There will be other competitions on our platform. Follow us on our Social Media to be updated: