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4 new markets on CoinDeal!

Past weeks were very intense in CoinDeal’s office. New coins, a partnership with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and now…

… four new markets!

Fast development of CoinDeal

We are more than proud to announce four new markets available on CoinDeal - cryptocurrency exchange platform. First two are connected with the latest news about fiat currencies with which you can enter CoinDeal.

From now on, after depositing your funds in USD or GBP, you can trade them on BTC/USD or BTC/GBP market. Next two markets are connected with two new cryptocurrencies implemented as a result of “voting for a new cryptocurrency.” Monero’s wallet and Dogecoin’s wallet are already available, so without any problem, you can deposit these two cryptos on your account.

Today you can also enter two new markets XMR/BTC and DOGE/XRP. We have decided to pair Monero to the most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. To show the most precisely Dogecoin’s price, we pair it with Ripple.

Don’t wait too long and start trading in new markets!