Proof of income and source of funds. What is it?

In order to complete third level (Advanced) of verification it is necessary to conduct a video chat with one of our agents and provide us with documents confirming the source of your assets. These documents include:

  • a document confirming the source of the wealth (a proof of income).
  • a document confirming the source of the funds you deposit on the exchange.

What requirements should these documents meet?

The proof of income should confirm the origin of the client’s total wealth. It may be e.g. a document confirming the inheritance, an employment contract, a certificate of purchase and sale of an investment or a document confirming the conduct of the business activity.

The source of funds should reflect the origin of specific funds that are the subject of a given transaction between the client and the exchange. This category includes both activity generated by funds used in the business relationship, for example, the client’s salary, but also other sources if used for the transaction. An example of a document confirming the source of funds may be the payslip, loan agreement or sales revenues. It all depends on how you obtained the funds involved in the business relationship between you and exchange.

This document must not be older than three months and your name and surname must appear on it.