API withdrawals

Long-awaited feature of automated crypto withdrawals through our application programming interface (API) is now available to our users. We took all the necessary precautions to make it both safe and useful. Withdrawals can be made only to the addresses that were previously used and added by you as trusted via the user interface. It is easy to add it based on the following steps.

To add an address as trusted you have to:

  1. Go to your wallet withdrawal panel, for instance: BTC wallet and request a withdrawal of cryptocurrency from CoinDeal – the amount doesn’t matter.
  2. Wait for status ”Payout Finalised” to appear in the withdrawal history table
  3. Click “Save address” in the last column of the withdrawal history table
  4. Add the name of the address – shortcut name for an easy search during the next withdrawal.

Adding address as trusted will enable you:

  • faster withdrawals in the future
  • withdrawals through API – possible to addresses added to the trusted list only

Once this is done, in order to create your withdrawal request through API you need to generate a new pair of API keys at API page and use them in your BasicAuth authorization when sending a request to withdraw your assets.

More information on parameters can be found here: