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Results of the 10th voting on CoinDeal!

The time to vote in the 10th voting has come to an end. This time, the winners are…

Global Cryptocurrency and Safex Token!

The 1st place was taken by Global (GCC). It gathered almost 7000 votes! The second place belongs to Safex (SFT) with the number of over 5500 votes! The GCC dominated the voting. Global Cryptocurrency collected almost 1500 votes more than Safex Token.

GCC is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is designed to be used for all services provided by the GCC Group and 3D Printing Points. Safex Token was created - as its name points out - to ensure security.

The chosen cryptocurrencies will be added to our platform within 4 weeks from now. Voting for a new cryptocurrency takes place here in a special voting system. Highs standards are critical to us. So, any inaccuracy in our policy may result in not enlisting the currency.

Quick reminder: you can now vote for a new cryptocurrency on CoinDeal. 11th voting has already started. However, we’ve changed the rules: from now on, only one coin will win the competition (instead of two). We want to make our new coins more exclusive.

So invite your friends to our affiliate program and pick your favorite coin!