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Save time and money with SegWit

Thanks to SegWit, fees for your BTC withdrawals will be 50% lower.

Have you ever had to wait for approval of your BTC transfer for a few hours? It doesn't have to be that way. The solution is Segregated Witness!

By upgrading the Bitcoin protocol, the default size of the Bitcoin block has been increased fourfold. Thanks to SegWit, BTC transactions are much faster.

On CoinDeal, we've introduced SegWit to all wallet addresses. You will recognize them after they start with "bc1". What's more, by making BTC withdrawals within addresses in the Bech32 standard (SegWit Native) mentioned above, the fee for your transaction on CoinDeal will be 50% lower!

By using SegWit on the CoinDeal platform, you save time and money.