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New market: LBC/BTC on CoinDeal!

We have another great news for you! We present new crypto on CoinDeal and it’s…


You can now make payments and withdrawals in that cryptocurrency!

Make sure that you check out the newest addition to CoinDeal. We’re constantly improving our platform to make sure that everyone can find their favourite cryptocurrency there. Now, we’ve chosen a coin that is less known, because we believe that not only big cryptos should be available on exchanges!

LBRY was created to meet the need of creating a place that can be simultaneously a digital marketplace and a content distribution protocol. It supports a variety of creative content like videos, songs and ebooks that are shared on a decentralized, blockchain-based platform. LBRY Credits is the cryptocurrency created by the LBRY network. The LBC coin is required to access the monetized content. So basically, LBRY Credits is a coin that gives its owners a full connection to the culture!

We wish you all the only profitable transactions on market LBC/BTC!

Go on and deposit LBC in your wallet!