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First vote behind us, it is time for a new one!

We are very happy to see how many votes have been cast during the first voting on CoinDeal and we want to say that, the first cryptocurrency vote on CoinDeal has ended.

We want to present five cryptocurrencies that you have chosen:

  • Ripple,
  • Nano,
  • Bytecoin,
  • Verge,
  • Lisk.

They will be introduced for trading on 06.04.2018. Deposits, withdrawals and trading with those cryptocurrencies, will be available from that date. We want to create a friendly community which has their favorite cryptocurrencies, on their favorite cryptocurrency exchange platform. That is why we want to announce, it is time for a new cryptocurrency vote!

Voting Round Two

Before you cast a vote, we want to be sure, that you know, how our voting system works. To cast your vote, you need to be a registered user, then go to a voting tab. There you will find all available cryptocurrencies. Remember, you can only cast five votes, on five different cryptocurrencies and you can cast your votes once a day. We hope that this time, there will be even more votes than previously.

Every “new cryptocurrency” voting, will last two weeks and we will implement them to CoinDeal within two weeks after the end of the voting. You are in the right place, now we need your vote to make it better! Future is here, be a part of it.