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Meet our biggest project – CoinDeal Token

CoinDeal is giving away their new token FOR FREE! Get it now

We introduce the CoinDeal Token. What's important, we give it away for free! Make sure if you are fully verified and take your tokens now. Remember, their number is limited!

CoinDeal Token

No other exchange has ever created such a give-away for its users. CoinDeal is proudly giving away 90% of all generated tokens to you, the users. You can sell them, trade with them, HODL them, or use their functionality in any way you wish - they’re yours!



The CoinDeal Token has been in development for the last 12 months and will be the cornerstone of our exchange moving forward. With CDL, you can lower your trading fees, vote for new coins, use CDL to trade on multiple markets, gain access to additional trading features and later on you will gain access to our social trading platform, and more! Also, staking CDL Tokens in your CoinDeal wallet will allow you to decrease your trading fees to almost zero! Staking over 150.000 CDL will give you a 0.0000% maker fee and a 0.0250% taker fee.

CoinDeal Token is a utility token based on the EOS blockchain and will be tradable on multiple markets and pairs after the token distribution is complete.

CDL Token

If you are already a fully registered user, there is nothing simpler than what you can do now. Just click on the banner and get your 100 tokens completely FREE.


Each user can receive their tokens once. We're giving away 90% of the total supply - 45,000,000 tokens for our users. You can do anything you like with them. Do it now, get your tokens!


CDL token

Make sure you are fully registered user. Tokens are available only for users who finished all 3 verification steps. Then click 'Get free tokens' and you will find them in your wallet. The market will be available when we distribute all tokens.

Step by step 


White Paper 

You can get 100 CDL Tokens completely free! Watch the video and find out more.