About us

CoinDeal has originated from years of experience in the cryptoworld. One of our best assets is theoretical knowledge combined with practical experience in trading. Our long-lasting interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain kept us up-to-date with the way cryptocurrency markets were developing. Our disappointment with the quality of the process prompted us to team up and create a new exchange. An exchange that we ourselves would like to use. An exchange that will meet needs of even the most demanding customers.

Who are you? Where are you based?

The company behind CoinDeal is Verified Trading Solutions Ltd. based in Cyprus. You can check our company here. Why Cyprus? It’s an European Union member with crypto-friendly legislation. But even though it’s crypto-friendly, Cyprus doesn’t have banks that are ready to enter crypto world.

We decided to establish our company in Cyprus as a temporary solution - our final goal is to get licensed by FINMA (a financial regulator) in Switzerland. We created the company VTS Swiss GmbH (located in Huenenberg) and established it in Switzerland for this purpose. You can check it here and here. This company is not carrying out any operations right now, currently focusing on legal work to get licensed in Switzerland. We will keep you informed about the steps of this process - it might take up to two years. We decided to choose Switzerland because cryptocurrencies are accepted there as means of payment, the law is prepared and financial regulators are willing to control and accept companies like ours. Even though we need to wait this long to get verified by them, we will use our office in Switzerland for some of our operations, such as storing cold wallet keys in deposits or securing company funds in Swiss Banks (but not user funds - we need to obtain a license in order to do that).

Are we developing our exchange market in Cyprus? Only partially. We have 3 offices in 3 different countries: Cyprus, Switzerland and Poland. Poland is a great country for software development - there are plenty of talented IT Specialists there, such as programmers, project managers, scrum masters, testers and many other professionals. Our office in Poland is placed in the heart of the beautiful city of Wrocław - the historical market square.

You may wonder if you can trust a completely new company. Yes, we are new, but we are by no means newbies. We are very experienced in the crypto world - CoinDeal is currently cooperating with:

  • Verified Solutions Ltd. located in England (a country which has very crypto-friendly law too). This company developing PayCoiner - a payment gateway for many cryptocurrencies, and BuyCoinNow.Com - a website where you can buy bitcoins with credit card. CoinDeal is cooperating with both of these very closely. The company has a similar name to ours, which can be confusing, but different co-founders (at least partially) and is not involved directly in developing our exchange market. The company, however, cooperates with us by licensing crypto-solutions, such as accepting payments or performing payouts, but without the access to private keys or any funds of the customers.
  • Software houses from Poland like Blockchain House developing computer graphics, frontend and software solutions, experienced in cryptocurrencies and trading solutions.
  • Many law firms from Switzerland, Cyprus and Poland (at least two per each country).
  • Companies such as Jumio, ISignthis Ltd, and many other, responsible for Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes as required by the law.

We are member of

CoinDeal is a member of Bitcion Association Switzerland

Our managing board

Adam Bicz

CEO & Co-Founder


Adam Bicz CoinDeal

Adam is an experienced programmer who worked, among other places, in Dubai. His interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is associated with the desire to develop his knowledge in the field of IT. The companies he co-founded provide the best of his hard work. Adam is the brain of the CoinDeal operation, the main programmer and head of the team responsible for creating an extremely stable and secure cryptocurrency exchange. Before that, however, he worked on many projects both as an external consultant and as an independent creator. His skills were met by investors from around the world, including Dubai - where he also had the opportunity to work. In CoinDeal, in addition to being responsible for the technical side of the stock exchange, he is also its main boss - perfectly using the inherent qualities of a precision specialist, an excellent leader and an honest collaborator. His analytical mind is perfect for running such a complex subject as the cryptocurrency platform.

Previously he was the main creator of innovative projects, such projects as BuyCoinNow, CodeArena, PayCoiner and many others.

Kajetan Maćkowiak

CMO & Co-Founder


Kajetan Maćkowiak CoinDeal

Kajetan knows exactly how to move in the world of marketing and business - he has gained an experience on his own, running numerous projects on a global scale and range. Having worked in different parts of the world (in the USA as well as in Australia), he decided to try developing his own business. Your typical self-made-man. Overcoming the difficulties, he had developed such brands as MoreFromIT (software house specializing in the creation of websites and mobile/web apps), Interacto (a company offering business solutions in AR/VR technology), VerifiedSolutions (a software house specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry). He has connected them (and many more) in Blockchain House - an organization which hires over 100 people, which provides services in the field of IT, Blockchain technology, VR or marketing every day, providing work for over 100 people.
CoinDeal is his the youngest child. Kajetan is strongly focused on the promotion and marketing of the entire enterprise. He is not only responsible for marketing where he leads his team of experienced marketing specialists from various areas of this vast field, but also he is responsible for business development and management of his youngest project - CoinDeal.

Summarizing: strong, unstoppable entrepreneurship professional with million ideas per minute.

Filip Dzierżak

COO & Co-Founder


Filip Dzierżak CoinDeal

For the past 9 years Filip has been managing IT projects to the full extent - from acquiring strategic partners and customers, through market and needs analysis, to prototyping, executing, implementing, testing, promoting, marketing, developing and maintaining IT solutions (and also team management in each of these areas). In his portfolio of carried out projects you will find online payment, storage, sales, after-sales, and CRM systems, as well as branding and event websites. His role here at CoinDeal is managing teams of specialists, active software development, promoting, marketing (both internet-based and traditional), but also maintaining customer relationships. Project goals are always accomplished and their targets often expand during development. Filip has been involved in projects for companies such as TP S.A., Dialog sp. z o.o., Honda, Citroen, Nolte-Kuechen, WSB-Service, MPK Wrocław and Urtica Logistics.

Adam and Kajetan have been working together for a long time. They perfectly complement each other with knowledge and business skills. While Kajetan has hundreds of ideas per minute, Adam is always rational. This mix is allowing them to make the best business decisions. Together they had noticed niche in cryptocurrency industry and had decided to start BuyCoinNow - a service where you can buy Bitcoin. Also, Adam has created a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies - PayCoiner. During many business meetings, Adam and Kajetan met their future partner - Filip Dzierżak. From then, the idea of creation the cryptocurrency exchange platform has been growing. Filip perfectly supported Adam and Kajetan with his experience. That’s how CoinDeal was created.